Offshore vs Onshore Web Development From An Aussie’s Point Of View

Groundhogs day is here, as it seems like I’ve had the conversation relating to Offshore vs Onshore web development almost daily with Australian-based clients.

The recurring theme throughout these conversations, is that Australian-based individuals and businesses are pulling projects with offshore development service providers in favour of local services.

The main reasons cited are:

–  Language barriers and associated communication issues.

–  Time zone differences. The inability to pick up the phone and call the developer to discuss projects during work hours.

–  Misunderstanding of requirements which results in a gap between expectation and delivered products.

–  Competitive local pricing.

According to my clients, these factors have eroded the original appeal and perceived savings of developing projects with offshore service providers and have made onshore development a much more attractive option.

As someone who works with Austaralian-based developers daily, I experience many benefits of working onshore, as when I encounter any issues or concerns I’m able to meet with the developer in person or call them at any time of the work day and generally have it resolved or answered the same day. Whereas, when I’ve previously developed sites with overseas developers, it can be extraordinarily frustrating having to wait anywhere from 12 – 24hrs just to get a response and even longer to see any action.

Suggested Considerations

In Australia, we are fortunate to be home to some of the world’s best web developers… so I ask you this question: “If your budget allows for it, why wouldn’t you develop locally?”

If you have a very small budget and don’t mind encountering the related issues (mentioned above) in dealing with offshore developers – I suggest you leverage budget online services via safe & secure platforms such as ’’ & ‘’ to develop your project.
For anyone else with a decent budget – I’d suggest starting dialogue with some local service providers, viewing their folio or work and seeing which has the capabilities to deliver your project to a high standard.


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